On Watchmen

After all the negative shit I’ve read about Watchmen, I think I’m morally incline to say this the following:

Watchmen isn’t for…

  1. The Philosophically stupid, or expect “realism”
  2. People who think it’s a typical superhero movie
  3. Children, and,
  4. Those who don’t understand the concept of the graphic novel, or of alternate times

Thank you. That is all.



Jyg and I went out for lunch, unintentional however. Lady Nostalgia is right by my house on North Closner, tucked away in between a State Farm and another restaurant. It was quiet and quite nice. We were originally there for a quick peek. No matter how cliche it is, the place doesn’t betray its name. The Katy Perry song, however, spoiled the atmosphere.

The food was good – we got a free bowl of soup – and the raspberry tea was the first in a long time. Jyg liked it and is now plotting to her the baby shower there. We’ll see how that goes.

Stupid people amuse me

I Warship Satin!

I found this on a mistitled Dope song – it implies that the singer is actually Marilyn Manson. Youtube fighting ensued as those who knew it was Dope said so and others disagreed saying the singer was obviously Manson. One person even went as far to say that Dope is Manson’s band. Which is strange, because I thought that band was actually called Spooky Kids – well, it was, now it’s just called Marilyn Manson.

On the LMN Natalie Holloway movie

Am I the only person on earth who thinks a movie on the Natalie Holloway case is unnecessary? For give me for being an asshole, but the name Natalie Holloway really translates to Dumb White Blonde Bitch who probably got what she deserved in the end. As for her mother, well she’s Dumb White Blonde Bitch, Sr. In what sane world do you turn a blind eye to your high school graduate going off to some song featured in a Beach Boy’s song? (I wonder if that’s going to be the opening credits song.)

I don’t feel any pity, sympathy for the family. If the girl was dumb enough to go off with a group of strangers in a strange country, then she pretty much got hers. I mean, I know people who go to other countries and they don’t get kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery. Why? Because they’re not Dumb Whit Blonde Bitches, that’s why.

With that being said:

This sounds familiar

I’m watching LMN and there’s this movie called Devil’s Diary. The plot of the movie is that this girl (well, two girls, but the movie is only about one) finds this innocent looking diary with something scribed in it about whoever gives up their soul to the book will be given ultimate power. So the girl writes down how she wants a cheerleader to break both her legs and guess what? She breaks her legs.

So the girl writes something in a journal and it comes true. Hmm…this sounds a little familiar. Several mothers around the nation now have something in common with their nerd sons and daughters.

“I don’t want you to change” (VNV Nation)

I know its hard to tell
How mixed up you feel
Hoping what you need
Is behind every door
Each time you get hurt
I don’t want you to change
Cuz everyone has hopes
You’re human after all

Sinking like a stone