Who Is Ennui Prayer?

[ahn-wee prair]

Born and raise in South Texas, he is a writer, a poet, a friend, a lover, a son, an uncle, a brother, a grandchild, a nephew, but most of all, he is a human.


6 responses to “Who Is Ennui Prayer?

  1. Sierra (RiotInTheCinema! from myyearbook)

    see, i told you i would check it out. you’re clever. but whats the point, just a blog page? its cool. how old are you?

  2. Good to “meet” you! 🙂

  3. I served to protect your right to say what you want. I also served to protect MY right to say what I want, and I say you’re a loony. There have’t been hippies since 1967.
    Pot’s OK, but to make a religion out of it makes you as insane as you think people who are against porn are. You’re the other side of the same coin.

    Don’t bother saying “Thank you for your service”. It’s like saying “Have a nice day”.

  4. Ennui Prayer


    First of all, get your history straight. Don’t come preaching on my page like I’ve anally raped your with some alternate knowledge because it only makes you look like a dumb fuck – which with a name like bear I can only assume you are a) a red neck, or b) a burly homosexual, which in that case I applaud you. The Hippie Movement ended not in 1967, but in 1973 when the Rolling Stones held a Woodstock-like concert, hiring the Hells Angels as security guards. The concert ended in disaster, highlighting the end of the “flower power” (insert other nickname for the movement here) movement.

    Secondly, Shemshement Ministry is not a religion. We don’t go around sitting and smoking pot and saying “Praise to be [insert Deity of choice here] for this miraculous weed.” As a chapter of the Hawaii Cannabis Ministry, the Shemshemet Ministry is an organization that helps push forth laws to make medical marijuana legal. If you knew the serious benefits cannabis has within it, then you’d understand the purpose of the ministry. Most of the members are war vets with disabilities thanks to the wonderful war that we’re in. In fact, the reverend who started the organization was a part of President Bush’s guard when he made the Mount Rushmore speech. Of course, you’re way too busy associating pot with hippies, I’m surprised you haven’t also connected the any other attributes to me, as well.

    Cannabis doesn’t have to be smoked, of course a wise man like you should know that already. It can be ingested and it can be drank. The ministry also practices wise use of the “sacrament” rather than just a bunch of stoners lying around not doing anything productive. But again, you wouldn’t know that because your feeble mind is incapable of researching.

    As for the porn I can only say this: What you choose to do with your body is only your choice, not that of a group who tries to impose restrictions by the government. A nation’s government shouldn’t supply restrictions to what one does to his own body. However, I don’t think – like I said in my post – that children should be allowed to watch it because children are impressionable and they might get the wrong idea; they cannot yet tell the difference between fact and fiction. But the restriction of porn isn’t because the people want all people to not have porn, they’re just lazy parents. That’s what I find insane – people are breeding left and right, but don’t want to live up to the title. Rather than spending time with their children, restricting how much they use the computer, monitoring what they do on the computer, etc., they’d rather eliminate it so they can rest easily.

    So, in short, you’re a fucking moron.

  5. I saw that show yesterday with my mum hehe it was dumb and it is like death note although i like the graphics and ambiance of death note better. But who doesnt like dumb straight to video b movies once and a while. You can poke fun at them and see how you would make better hehe

  6. Ennui Prayer

    At first, I was going to say how this didn’t really make much sense, as it was a comment to my about me page. Now, however, I realize what you’re talking about. When I logged on to reply, I didn’t know who you were – lucky enough, I can see your e-mail address so I know who you are 😛 . With that being said, didn’t quite like the Devil’s Diary, but I do like Death Note (both the anime and the movie). Devil’s Diary was decent enough, though, but LMN has given out better movies than that.

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