Everyone wants to kill Jenny

I remember there was a time where everybody wanted to kill me, but that was probably accredited to my ailing paranoia. As we know what the season finale will be like – one of our favorite girls will go down for the murder of everyone’s favorite, Jenny Schecter. While I have to play like everyone else, my money’s on Alice because of the spin-off news where the beloved motor mouth finds herself in prison. If that’s the case, perhaps Showtime should’ve kept the news on the downlow rather than blurt it out all over the place as if it were a prize winning cattle (one thing you should know about me, I’m weak at metaphors).

It’s all winding down to the point when Jenny will have nothing but enemies before she is found face down in the pool. I don’t think we’re aren’t going to see a single episode (until it happens, that is) without someone saying how much they hate her and that she’s dead. With two episodes out of the way of an eight-episode season – WHY SHOWTIME? WHY?! – the gears are pulling us tightly until every person addicted to the charismatic show will be left bald trying to figure out the newest in the who-shot-J.R. mystery.

Of course there’s always more going on and there is more going on than just the who killed Jenny storyline. The fact that Elizabeth Berkley – better known for her role as Jessie on TV’s Save by the Bell, but more notriously known for Showgirls (which I own, for some fucked up reason – okay, it’s for the sheer pleasure of owning such a godawful movie, which should be read purely as humor-related basis) – is now making an appearance as the girl who got away from Bette lends into the factor of possiblity of fedilty in a cheater’s life.


2 responses to “Everyone wants to kill Jenny

  1. I heard they are auctioning off all of the L-Word set stuff – clothing, furniture, accessories, etc. Check it out at [deleted] and email them with what you are looking for!

    Ennui’s note: While I am unsure of the nature of this comment and how much truth lies behind, I’m taking precautions anyway. I deleted the website and the email address of the poster. If the poster is in fact a reader with concrete evidence, then s/he can respond with actual links and news from Showtime, or the production team of The L Word. Until such evidence is provided, I smell a scam and poorly place marketing device for the poster’s website.

  2. philosopherintheory

    It’s probably bullshit. I had a comment on the other blog by someone who said they loved it but had links to some wreath website sprinkled about. As if I need wreaths in the virtual world…

    Ennui’s response:I’m sure it’s bullshit.

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