Annoyance doesn’t even describe.

Read my last post and you’ll understand that I’m an asshole. I didn’t mean to be rude, but what was really rude tonight is when a “friend” decides to make her friends slightly uncomfortable by bringing a friend along with her during an outing. Philosopher and I aren’t people persons. I dislike meeting new people and I’ve always been like that. Lately, I’ve been ultramoody so when it was brought up that D was bringing her friend from way back when to our Friday night outing, my initial thought was I’m staying home. But I don’t like staying home and Philosopher and I normally got out anyway with the Squid. I’ve grown, as has she I’m assuming, to just our twosome plus kid outing. D contacted her early in the day asking if it was okay if Homeboy could tag along. The reply was if someone flew 1000 miles to see someone else, the last thing that person wanted to do was hang out with strangers. D said he was cool with it to which Philosopher said Homeboy was probably trying to be polite. D said that he wasn’t polite and that he was okay with it. Either D is a flaming fucking moron, or she can’t read the fact that WE wouldn’t be comfortable so we decided to snake out unannounced so that we wouldn’t find ourselves in a situation we wanted to avoid. I already had the feeling that D would find us nonetheless. We went to Hastings then to Barnes where she found us. The moment the Squid saw her and the bunch, I snaked away, leaving Philosopher in the lion’s den as is my wont when my reflexes kick in.

So I wandered off alone searching up and down half of Barnes because I wanted to avoid D at all costs. I called Philosopher to see what was going on, but she was distracted and I hung up. At one point I was reading a book by Gibson and this kid with googles and a soccer shirt sat next to me. Only strange things happen to the weird. I’m done writing.


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