Ever need one of those WTF?! moments? I just had one courtesy of Illseed – thanks a lot guys! I won’t even begin to start with the life this kid’s going to have when he grows up (but I wouldn’t be surprise to read that ten years from now this kid grows up and murders his family). Now you fuckers, before you call me a racist, as I know you will, I would have said the same thing if the kid were white, Hispanic, Asian, etc. and you know it! Stop being a tightwad and watch the fucking video, fuckers.

So WTF?! right? I know it’s one thing to be a total Scrooge McDick about Xmas, but to be this much of a cunt. Fuckers like this shouldn’t have kids. They should be tied to a fucking post and rot. No one should ever push a kid’s hope this high. Yo! Keith Olbermann! Worst persons in the world?


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