I need a Lew Ashby in my life

There, I said it. I’ve been thinking about it for quite sometime and I think having somone who is just like me but completely opposite of me at the same time would do me good. Anyone catch that episode last night? I’m in love with Season Two of Californication and anyone who says it sucks should be shot out of a cannon into a catcus field filled with landmines and pitchforks. There I said that.

In other TV news, Nip/Tuck is on its way in a month. I can’t wait for it:

It appears that Mr. Kanye West has made a home at my blog with his “Flashing Lights” song. This is the fourth time it has appear, the first three times being in the last blog. I just like the song, okay?

But while Nip/Tuck is still a month away, I’m also dying to see what happens on The L Word. Nerves nerves nerves. Who do you think is going to die? And who do you think will be taking the blame?


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