“Everyone’s a winner now we’re making that fame” (M.I.A.)

Some some some I some I murder
Some I some I let go
Some some some I some I murder
Some I some I let go

All I wanna do is (BANG BANG BANG BANG!)
And take your money

I dug up some of the notes I made last year while working at the Coyotes. I’ve put them to use by writing something entitled “Outside the Diamond,” a story that was working on in my mind while I stood alone at parking lot 3, baking in the heat. The original concept of the story has been lost as I never wrote down the plot, but the names have sort of stayed the same. Cool Breeze, though, a name I took off Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, has been bumped up to be a main character.

I started jotting down the idea for the new plot. After a while I wanted to listen to music. Because I only found out a month or so ago who sang that song from the Pineapple Express trailer, I thought it was time I download the fucking song. When I finally sat down and listened to the lyrics, I realized that it synced up with the plot I had jotted down. Awesome, I thought. Maybe I’ll call it Paper Planes instead. We’ll see.


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