Season Finale

I’m not a big fan of vampires because I think they’re an overrated undead creature that little goth boys and girls pretend to be, but True Blood captured my attention from the get go. I’ll never read the book because it’s genre fiction and most of the time that sort of writing bugs the shit out of me because it follows certain conventions that outline what’s going to happen in the end. I like to be surprised. Anyway, the season finale left me hooked. I want more, but now I have to wait. Damnit, this is why I hate TV sometimes.

Californication was interesting as well. Watching Hank and Lew swap women – not intentionally of course – is actually creating enough for me to love this second season even more. I finally see why Lew is such an important character, though I already knew that it was like having Hank watch himself in the mirror. Oh the what could have beens, right?

In other news, The IT Crowd season three began on Friday. Sadly, I don’t live in a country that shows this sort of thing on TV so my only friend is now my computer. Damnit.


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