You know when it all boils down, I really don’t like you

I don’t hate Christians because then I’d hate a lot of my friends, so please don’t get me wrong. I hate stupid Christians. And don’t sit there twidling your thumbs because you know who you are and you know you’re stupid and you know you’re going to want to post a comment on this because you’re now offended. Do yourself a favor: Don’t! In fact, just scroll pass this post and ignore it and pretend that your rays of sunshine haven’t been darkened by me because if you’re faith is strong enough, there should be no reason why anything I say on this blog would piss you off.

Now for you smart Christians, you may leave the room if you’d like. You whose faith are so strong that you can tolerate those who don’t have the same views as you. You who don’t feel the need to cram a Bible down the throats of all those who disagree with you. You who don’t send e-mails to other people with the words of a hate monger disguised as a worshiper and follower of Christ. You, who I call friend, I do not hold anything against you because you’ve been nothing but kind, caring, rational, accepting and so on and so forth of me.

Okay, back to the stupid, immature, the weak of faith: What is your problem? Do you wake up in the mornings and zombie your way down the street looking for someone to gnaw on and make his/her life as pointless and miserable as yours? I wrote that post several months ago, so why are you still drawn to it like a moth to the flame? I believe it was Einstein who said that only a madman would do the same thing over and over hoping for a different result? What exactly do you think you’re going to accomplish here? Do you think by posting your nonarguments that I’m suddenly going to say, “Well, I’ll be. You’re right Mr. Christian. I shall now denouce all that I believe in to follow you and be just like you and as annoying as you and I’ll make others to be just like us – zombies of Christ.”

I don’t want to believe like you do. I don’t want to think like you do – assuming that you’re capable of that. I don’t want to be like you, talk like you, act like you. I’m happy with who I am, you should be too. I’d rather not be a part of the masses who, 40 years ago, would’ve lynched a black man – or in the more up to date version, shoot a homosexual several times because he wasn’t what your god thought should be. I don’t want to hate my fellow man because there is no hope for humanity through hatred and discrimination.

Do us all a favor – especially your smart counterparts because more times than not they are clumped together with you and they really hate that because I would – read a book outside of your religious scriptures. Go to school. Don’t home school your youth. If your faith is strong enough, it will survive anything. And then you won’t care what I write.


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