Just some thoughts on music

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more about “Adele – Chasing Pavements“, posted with vodpod

I’d build myself up,
And fly around in circles,
Waiting as my heart drops,
And my back begins to tingle

I’ve been “collecting” music for a while now and most of the musicians and bands I have weird me out sometimes. The other day I realized I have people I downright despise and thing they don’t bring anything to the music world except shame. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been collecting music by the bands and musicians I heard while I was in the hospital, one of them being Adele, whose debut album, 19, is nothing less than stellar. I won’t go into the whole thing about it because I don’t do reviews because I’m bad at them, but she’s worth a listen, if you haven’t given her a chance yet. It’s a lot better than most of the crap that passes as music these days – Beyonce, My Chemical Romance, T-Pain, just to name a few. I guess a lot of what makes overseas music – this little gem is British.

Lenka – from Australia – is another one that I fell in love with in the hospital – I spent a lot of time watching VH1 in the mornings and nights as I find it impossible to sleep in places I’m not accustomed to, as well as, finding hard to sleep when I have a tube coming out of me (side note, there are times when I think I still have it. It’s really creepy, if you think about it).

But not all music that I fell in love over time were from other countries, I finally got my ass down to listen to Staind’s most current song. I sort of gave up on them with the last album they released because I wasn’t left impressed like I had with the others and felt that they finally hit that fork in the road and they took the generic way. But this album, The Illusion of Progress, is great.

Gavin Rossdale’s solo, which slipped by me earlier this year, was another one that I forced myself to listen to because I liked that single he has out. While I hate his wife – she’s on  a few tracks – the album’s not as bad as it sounds. However, it makes me miss Bush. And before you go and be a jack ass about it, I’m well aware that Gavin’s not American and he should’ve been placed before Staind and not after.

I’m still looking for the others that I listened to – I wrote a lot of names down – while lying on my hospital bed, wishing that I was outside rather than being inside stuck “healing.” I just wanted to get this down.


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