And somewhere, a great comic book hero is crying

I keep seeing the trailer for Punisher: War Zone and a word comes to mind. What was that word now? Oh yeah, atrocious. Like with The Incredible Hulk, Punisher’s been rebooted. However, I don’t understand why because the first one, while not great, wasn’t that bad either. I catch it whenever it’s on FX, though I still have to wrap my head around the whole John Travolta thing because I don’t really care much for him as a villain in a film based off a comic book.

Okay, maybe this movie’s more your thing because you’re the sort of bone head who loves mindless violence and things blowing up because the dark screen gets all bright. I don’t know the first one had me wanting to see it in theaters, though I didn’t because I was a college student and broke (not much different now, only I’m no longer a student), but this film has me wanting to stay away from the theater until it is passed through the bowels of the building like the piece of shit it is. And bringing in Jigsaw as the main villain, what’s up with that? Apparently LionsGate didn’t think we had enough cut up villains in our lives this year that they had to provide us with yet another one. I’m sorry, I’m sticking to the Joker because he was immortalized on screen once again.

But I was reading up on the whole rebooting comic films because of the success of the new Batman series. Which is why we got The Incredible Hulk rather than a pitiful sequel to Hulk. Apparently, as the rumor mill will have it, Todd McFarlane wants to bring Spawn back as a reboot, and then there’s the Man of Steel, which has also been rumored as a reboot. I suppose we’ll see in the future, right?


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