“Your silver grin still sticking in…” (Bush)

All your mental armor drags me down
nothing hurts like your mouth

Do onto others as you would want done onto you. For the pious, you know exactly what those words mean. For those who have a god up in the clouds, you know that you are supposed to love your neighbor. But Christians these days are anything but Christian. The majority are venomous hate mongers who would rather see the world on fire than to allow love to flow down the streets because the greedy shits that they are, they think it’s only available to a certain group, namely them. I watched this country in the throes of change, but rather we only received a small amount of change as the country is ready for a black president, but is not ready for two men to be married – or two women at that.

I am not a celebrity. I am not a newsman. I am not a Christian. Nor am I a homosexual. I’ve known a few homosexuals in my life, and I love them dearly – well, the ones who I called my friends, at least. Man and woman a like can wake up one morning and realized that their whole lives are a sham because of one stupid stigma that this country holds: Marriage is between a man and a woman. Really, because growing up I was always told when two people are in love, they get married. My mother, the priests, the CCD teachers all seemed to have ignored the man and woman fact back with it was a “problem.”

But what problem exactly? Suddenly it became really cool to hate homosexuals because President Bush up in the White House created a quagmire and had to shift the focus of attention from his mistake to a constitutional amendment that disallows the marriage between two people of the same sex. That’s all great and all, but I thought this was the land of dreams – the all American Dream (to be happy and to be prosperous) – a land of freedom – isn’t that a part of our national anthem? But this boils down, like most politics, not on the morals of a group of people, but the beliefs of a religions people.

The way we break if there’s something we can’t take
Destroy the world that we took so long to make

I accept the fact that those who created our country were religious, but those who came to it were in pursuit of religious freedom. It is written down in our history that all men were created equal. It was written in our history that the church and state would be separate. Many of you seem to have forgotten it by enforcing ridiculous laws like Prop. 8. You will hinder a group of people to share the same love are you so you can be deemed good in the eyes of your god. If your god doesn’t believe in love, then your god must not be a very good god after all. And it sickens me that he could ever create something as vile and disgusting as hate mongers like you.

But those of you who don’t claim a religious reason for wanting a law that doesn’t permit homosexuals to marry, you say it’s because of the sanctity of marriage. I ask you this, what sanctity? Divorce rates are higher in believers than it is in nonbelievers, affairs of religious people stumbles upon the news whenever they’re revealed, and there’s the shotgun marriages that pollute our politics because an abstinence only politician’s daughter finds herself pregnant during the time her mother’s running for vice president. Is that the sanctity that you want to salvage. Maybe it’s time that we give the homosexuals a try at it while the rest of you attempt to fix your own problems.

Beware of those who want to harm you
And drag you down to a lower game
Just know the truth is coming
To bring peace to this troubled land

Now, I’m not much of an activist because I’m way too lazy to get arrested and I like my clean record. But I do boast those who are activists and hold them in high regard. Activists stand for change. Without them, blacks wouldn’t be able to vote, women wouldn’t be able to vote, people wouldn’t be anything further than separate but equal. The activists out there marching in the streets advocating change in this country that has for so long held several groups of people down by abusing their powers and their money.

And that’s the problem with the country – not that there are few activists, but that we have now given way too much authority on the end-times morons who are at their pulpits spitting venom and donating money to prejudice laws. I cannot say anything further than this: You cannot define freedom as giving rights to one group of people, while denying it to another. It was wrong during the time of slavery; it was wrong during the early 20th century; it was wrong to deny the marriage of two people of opposite sex to marry because of the difference in their skin; and it is wrong still to deny two people the same rights and love that you so dearly possess because it is in your mind disgusting, sinful and wrong. That is not freedom. That is the same vile thought that was founded by hatred and not by love of almighty, all benevolent creator.

And here’s Keith Olbermann holding the same values as I do, but getting it across way better:


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