Exploitation is wrong, unless it’s funny…then it’s just funny

Funny math answerPeople need to grow a sense of humor rather than bash what’s funny because they don’t think it’s funny. There’s a lot of whiners in this world and they’ve found their way to WordPress. We can laugh at pictures like of stupid answers, but the moment we turn it around and laugh at something a sixth grader wrote, well, we’re in the wrong. Bleh. People are stupid. So what if “trucky niggets” is now available online for all to read? It’s not different than the good ol’ days when you would send something your kid did to Bob Saget  and get aired on national television – “Hey, look Junior’s on TV and he’s playing football in the house. Oh no, watch for that wall Junior – oh har har har!” But no one thought that was pushing it, because everyone loved America’s Funniest Home Videos and it was integrated into our pop culture. But the moment a paper is scanned and posted online, well there’s hell to pay because now not only does it show the entire world just how bad our education system is, but it also…wait, that’s the only thing.

Funny Math Answer 2The lack of a sense of humor in this country appalls me, but watching a couple of jackass wannabes on Youtube put a Roman candle up their friend’s ass, well that’s just comedy. Most of them are teens themselves, just a few years older than the Trucky Niggets kid. Of course, you’re laughing your ass off, rolling on the floor, ain’t ya, buddy? But people have to cry, curse and damn because they don’t have the same sense of humor as other people and therefore those other people must be wrong and must be damned. What do I know? I still laugh at the little girl falling off the swing joke. To this day, that still a classic joke for me.


2 responses to “Exploitation is wrong, unless it’s funny…then it’s just funny

  1. I want you to be my god

    OMG, Ennui Prayer, you’re an righteous dude! You’re so awesome that I pale in comparison of you. You’re outlook in life is so amazing that it’s getting me all wet inside. I want you to be my god, Ennui, please say you will. I’ll build a shrine around your eye and then we can whisk off together and live happily in Canada.

    Please say yes. E-mail me at mhalcock@owu.edu I long to hear from you.

  2. Yet another fan who loves my work. I’m flattered, really, but I have to say no. And you’ve just been banned.

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