Some strange things of the day…

dashboardWhat would a post such as this one be without the dashboard screen pic to show you the strange searches people make to get to my blog. I don’t know about you, but I worry about the masses when I read the things people type into search engines. I’m just glad jailbait isn’t one this time around, as it’s a rather popular term to find me. I swear, you write it once in a post and you’re cursed forever: Let this be a warning, choose your words carefully. Along with these marvelous searches, I’ve been plagued with the terms of “tongue on cock” which, if you know anything about anything on my blog, you’d know that the reason that appears is because of my Allen Ginsberg quote title post. But that’s the masses for yeah.

But this takes the cake. Well, I should say the cookie. Philosopher sent me the link and the humor is tickling me. I mean, the believers have long insisted that atheists are baby eaters. Now they’re half right.Just makes your mouth water, doesn’t it?


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