I’m speechless…

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I don’t know what to say about this video other than bad parenting and complete and utter ignorance on the part of the this horrible mother. I can’t call it racists because she’s obviously an African-American, but I can call it what it is and that’s sheer garbage. Coupled with Uncle Tom comment that Ralph “The Liberal” Nader, I’m beginning to see a complete backlash of electing our first black president.

I don’t know what to say other than I wish that this woman’s child is taken from her and put into a more responsible home and she receive no further contact with her daughter. I don’t say this because she’s teaching her child to dislike our president-elect, but because what parent willingly teaches their children hate? She’s not better than the white trash parents who teach their children words like nigger, kike and ‘spic when it comes to talking about minorities.

A parent has ever right to raise his or her child as deemed fit, but to teach a child to hate is completely unethical and un-American. We’ve come this far only to see morons taking the streets and becoming road blocks on their children’s education. There’s no excuse.

Okay. So I wasn’t that speechless after all.


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