On Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin

So I’m watching the cable news channels as I’m wont to do in the days leading and leaving election day. Actually, I’m always watching the news channels because I’m a nerd that way and I have to stay in touch with what’s going on outside my window, even though the Rio Grande Valley is only ever mentioned when some nut sees Jesus on glass or on a tortilla. I digress. The topic of conversation on most “liberal” channels (I don’t believe in a liberal media because all the liberal media news channels has a Lou Dobbs, a Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, etc.) is Sarah Palin.

Personally, I note Sarah Palin to be John McCain’s downfall because she was never a step forward for women, never well read (even though she claims to read all the newspapers), and was completely out of right field as no one knew who she was. I knew why the McCain camp chose her instead of someone like Kay Bailey Hutchinson (because Hutchinson announced her retirement, as I was told in the hospital by my aunt) – she’s a looker. She was eye candy. And she was a heaven-sent because they were only thinking about disgruntled Hilary Clinton supporters who had lost their way because they insisted that Barack Obama cheated, when her track record in South Texas wasn’t all that clean.

Palin, on the other hand, wasn’t a Hilary Clinton, or a Kay Bailey Hutchinson – hell, she was more like that contestant on that beauty pageant – was it Miss America? you know the one I’m talking about, the one where she just rambles on and doesn’t say anything coherent. Though I see Palin more of something like Balrog – you’ll have to be a nerd to get that one. She was something the greedy Repulicans dug up and now that she is released, she will never go back into the shadows from which she came. We’re gonna need a Gandalf.

Balrog & GandalfThe question that is lingering up in the air about Palin is what’s in store for her in the future? Can we see her as a Senator? Can we see her as a presidential candidate in 2012? Or would we rather see her vanish from the political public eye and become just as invisible as Joe the Plumber will most likely become despite his embrace of sudden fame? Personally, I would rather have her vanish and a new woman emerge from the ashes, one that is actually intelligent enough to follow a game plan, keep her mouth shut when something stupid wants to get out, and actually has some sort of experience rather than being a governor from Alaska who can see Russian from her house.

So, what Republican or Democrat will pick up the staff and strike the earth before her and say, “Go back to the Shadow! You cannot pass?”

Just think of the Orcs as Hilary supporters who went to the dark side because Obama was nominated.

Update: There’s a lot of hoopla in the conservative side of the atmosphere and they too blame Palin for McCain’s lost. This reminds me of something I wrote a while back predicting that McCain  was going down so they convinced him to pick Sarah Palin so that a) they have someone to blame when he loses to Barack Obama and b) they can have a few laughs along the way cos doesn’t she look just like Tina Fey? How can this not be good?

But now civil war has spilled in the GOP and the naysayers are all blaming Palin for McCain’s lost that the poor “barracuda” has now become a piranha – maybe they mean pariah.

And while I’m sitting here writing this, I remember there is one Republican that I know who seems to praise Palin for some unknown reason. I can’t understand why, though because she brought nothing to the plate other than the fact she was a woman, which is a shitty reason to think that she has brought something to the plate. Sure, having a woman VP would’ve been a first, but I’d rather have one who knows that Africa isn’t a country, but a continent and which countries signed into NAFTA. I’d rather have a VP who knows what magazines and newspapers she’s read rather than giving that old middle/high school/college lie of “Oh I read them all.”

For even considering Sarah Palin as a step forward for the woman’s movement is proving that people have no idea what the hell the women’s movement was for.


3 responses to “On Sarah Palin

  1. philosopherintheory

    Looker? Where?

    And oh yeah….NERD! 😛

  2. Hey, I’m just taking the words out of the Republican’s mouth. And…um…

    bite me.

  3. philosopherintheory

    no thanks.

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