The Next Day

I woke up early today. The intial giddiness of President-Elect Barack Obama was still lingering in my body. Yesterday, the citizens of this great country made their choice and that choice was change. To be frank, I was already preparing myself for an all nighter so that when I called The Professor (we were keeping tracks of the elections online and on TV over the phone), her first question was, “It’s over already?” I called during McCain’s concession speech, which he did wonderfully.

My brother called me after MSNBC and CNN had called it, but I said that even though the projected winnings showed Obama in lead, things seem to happen that steals our hope. Yes, I ws a doubter and I beg your forgiveness. But the moment they cut away to McCain walking on that stage to the podium and gave his speech, I couldn’t believe that the words, the actions, the moment was all real. I wanted to pinch myself because at 10:30PM (I’m in Central Time), John McCain threw in the towel, knowing that there was no way in hell that he was going to make this and the Democrats took back the country.

My aunt called afterwards to ask me if I was happy. I said yes and she replied, rather gloomy, “Yeah. So am I. Somewhat. He’s old. He should’ve had a chance.”

“Yeah,” I said. “He should’ve. I liked him at one time. And I would’ve continued liking him if he didn’t lose touch. And then he had to go and pick her as his running mate and that pretty much ruined things for him.”

“Yeah, I know. She’s an idiot.”


This morning, however, after the cheers of having a new president, I realized that now I would have to face all my conservative friends who were rooting for McCain/Palin. I don’t have many of those that I have to face in person anymore, but I do have a few people who picked on me because I was voting for the least experienced one – their words, not mine. The question I had before updating all of my networking sites was: Do I rub it in their faces, or do I play nice? I know, had it been McCain up there accepting the presidential-elect title, they wouldn’t let me live in it down. But I’m a better person that way, so I simply showed that I was happy that Obama won. I didn’t go around saying things otherwise. Until an old friend from high school stupidly posted this on a Myspace bulletin:

I wonder when I go back to Iraq they are going to charge me with all the bullets since the funding is going to be shifted from the military the people that are willing to fight and die for there country to the people who want to suck it dry.

I was a little put off with this because I’ve known this guy for a while, and while he hasn’t been the brightest person in my small circle back in the day, I cannot believe that he would be so stupid as to make such an assumption. That annoyed me. And then I saw this by another one of my friend:

Please report 2 the white house we have a man in the oval office who is trying 2 take away ur right 2 have a firearm and wants 2 disban the military

Again, another friend whose ignorance surprises me. People always have this to say about Democrats who are running for president – they want to steal our guns and disassemble our military. While, and I’m going to say this nicely, Republicans want to put our military in harms way for no good reason other than to pursue personal goals and vendettas. And the guns thing annoys me because Republicans want to keep guns out of the hands of the nonwhites because the nonwhites are the ones who kill, maim, rob the whites. However, you never hear anyone complaining about that because the nonwhites don’t know any better (and no, I’m not being condescending, that is exactly what the Republicans would like you to believe).

Because the latter friend is solely an internet friend, his words don’t have much effect of me. To my high school buddy, however, I posted the following:

I hate to disagree, but

We are not trying to suck the country dry. Nor are those in Iraq fighting for their country. Iraq was just a personal vendetta as there was never any evidence to say any different. We’ve been through so many different reasons for being there that I forgot which one we’re on. Rather than aiding the “war on terror” we aided and bred more terrorists.

Barack Obama as president only ensures us a great change in this nation. Perhaps one that will end the quagmire of a war and actually focus on the real terrorists responsible for the atrocities of 9/11. Perhaps not. But the country has spoken and no matter where you stand, you’ll have to deal with it.

With that being said: I want pie.

Yes, even in a moment of seriousness, I do have to make my joke.


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