President Barack Obama

Today America has redeemed itself and not PUMA, no moron, no conservative, no racist, no backwards asshole can take that away from us. When I voted for Barack Obama, I was not voting for myself because I’m a liberal – I do have the tendency to vote Republican as well at times – but because I was voting for the right guy for the job. I didn’t see it as black and white, old or new, smart or dumb, experienced or Palin, I was see it as the right person for the job. 

I was never the prouder to see McCain concede, though I was upset that he was booed at when Obama’s name was mention. I was glad to hear Obama’s acceptance speech. The road to the White House is paved with glory and the glory is ours. 

Come January, the United States of America will begin to heal the wounds that were opened by a stupid cowboy president who shouldn’t have been there to begin with. Perhaps McCain should’ve been the president eight years ago, but his own party stabbed him in the back. I’m sorry to see that a man who should’ve been president once again saw his dream dim. But when a person’s time has passed, there isn’t much you can do about it. 

So again, tonight is not just for the Democrats, or the liberals, or those who didn’t pout in the corner’s, crossed armed because Hilary didn’t win, but it belongs to all of us. And a dream has become reality.


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