Waiting sucks

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I hate waiting for the shows I love to begin. At least Nip/Tuck begins in January. I’m watching Californication and True Blood, but the latter doesn’t really appeal to me, although making the vampires in a variety of different subcultures rather than making them all goths does please me. Californication started off with a rocky beginning. Last season it was about Hank trying to make amends with his ex and regain his family. He was successful – though a lot of you didn’t like that ending – in the finale. However, I thought the show was going to end there because of the writers’ strike. When I learned of season two, I started to wonder what the situation would be. As those of you have seen, Hank Moody is back in the same position, only minus Bill and I’m glad that character was removed. Too bad some of them weren’t taken out as well, but then what would become of Fucking & Punching?

But Nip/Tuck ending with such a cliff hanger last season and I’m still on edge with what’s going to happen to our favorite plastic surgeons. What looks like a funeral and AIDS scare, the sixth season looks some what promising. I suppose I’ll have to wait and see, right?


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