Moron Uprising!

You know, there’s nothing I can say about this sort of mindset except let you watch the video and make the decision yourself. I’m a supporter of Barack Obama, so anything I say about McCain/Palin will probably be bais. Watching these supporters with their lack of knowledge of their opponent is downright distrubing because they are allowed to vote. Everyone’s opinion matters, don’t get me wrong, but the opinions of these people are built not on facts and research, but through blind hate and xenophobia and that ladies and gentlement is completely unAmerica – okay, don’t lecture me in history here, I know it’s very American to hold those attributes, but we’re suppose to be the best country in the world, yet many people still act like children by flinging words back and forth at each other in order to win the fight.

Barack Obama does not have any ties to any terrorist and stating that his name is a “Muslim” name links him to terrorist organizations is plain stupid and uneducated. Sarah Palin is a complete and utter moron by continually invoking Ayers into the mix as her husband has been sleeping with the enemy for quite some time now. Of course, the McCain/Palin camp will say nothing to the fact. Palin has also been accused of abusing her powers as governor of Alaska.

Tricky politicians, you have only envoked xenophobia, racism and prejudice with your campaign in order to gain ground. It will, in the long run, not help your candidacy but further injure it. Not only are you losing swing voters, but you’re also losing Republicans along the way. Depressing isn’t it, when your own party is slowly backing way from your train wreck of a candidacy.

This is not the Republican party that I remember.


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