The Cannabis Chronicles (looking for bloggers)

A while back, El Senor and I were talking about writing and I mentioned how I would love to write on the subject of cannabis without the muck the government has fed us. The writing plan was reverted to notes which was then reverted to nothing at all because I found that my writing was becoming less and less enthusiastic. However, we were spoke, I did mention that I wanted to call these “notes” The Cannabis Chronicles. Because I didn’t want the name to poof, I snagged it on WordPress.

So what’s my point? I invited Reverend Adam Zuniga of the Shemshemet Ministry to partake in the blogging experience and now I’m inviting any well read cannabis user turned blogger to share your thoughts on consumption, religious experiences, medical usage, recipes (personal ones, rather than reprints from cookbooks), etc. Anyone want to partake in this venture? Just say so in a comment. Thank you.


One response to “The Cannabis Chronicles (looking for bloggers)

  1. Sorry Brother C. I completely forgot about this…well I will try to check this blog site more often.

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