McCain supporters are wetting themselves

After last night’s debate – which, Barack Obama won considering all the channels (I don’t know about FOX News) have stated he won – it seems that McCain supporters are digging their own graves with lies, lies and more lies about Obama. Like I said last night, I wasn’t impressed with Barack Obama’s part of the debate. In fact, I didn’t see it helping him any, but it didn’t hurt him either. John McCain, however, seemed to be pulling some sort of rope in order to make Obama uneasy – which it may have – but Obama never lost his cool. When McCain said that Obama wanted to attack Pakistan, misquoting what the senator had just finished saying, Obama kindly reminded him about his Beach Boy’s cover.

I wonder if this is what our forefathers had in mind when they thought Democracy was an excellent idea. I know it is, but did the adapters of democracy – by the way, the concept of democracy was created by a bunch of men who love to have sex with a bunch of men, so I don’t understand why everyone is so uptight about homosexual relations when we’re all apart of their brain child -had in mind that decision making would be based on, not experience or knowledge or anything essential to politics, but attack ads with misleading quotes and numbers?

I don’t care if Obama bought a projector, John McCain. I don’t care if McCain has three foreign cars, Barack Obama. Just tell me what you will bring me.

Last night’s debate gave me a headache, one that I still have at the moment. There’s one more debate left, so I guess we’re all waiting to see, watching those numbers rise or lower. I can see that Obama is in the lead and McCain is beginning to stagger along in his incapability to keep up with the times – Sarah Palin, by the way, is not keeping up with the times; she’s turning the clock backwards.

However, there is one thing that I want to know and Philosopher pretty much already told me that it probably will and I have a feeling that it will, as well: Is McCain’s “That one” going to be louder than Dean’s scream with the media? The moment I heard McCain refer Barack Obama as “that one,” I knew that he had taken the proverbial gun and shot himself.

Note to self: Make sure to make titles more revelant to the post rather than just basing it off the first paragraph.


2 responses to “McCain supporters are wetting themselves

  1. Actually, when the US was first established George Washington warned against political parties. He thought that they would do exactly what they are. Plus, James Madison argued against interest parties, and what are political parties if not interest parties?

  2. I agree, political parties and religion rob people of the ability think. I was also struck by the remark “that one,” I didn’t immediately know how to feel about it. McCain’s contempt for Obama is a huge turn off for me; I’m starting to feel like he feels he is owed the presidency. The real lesson is to respect your rival and attack the issues instead of playing politics with pronouns.

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