McCain supporters are still wetting themselves

It seems that anyone who brings up the “that one” remark is creating a “faux racism” device. Now I’m not a big fan of racism – insert the I-don’t-discriminate-who-I-hate joke here – but I do know that while the McCain supports say race doesn’t play a part in this year’s election, I have to reply with, “I beg your pardon?”

I may not live in the most diversified area in Texas – a conservative state that likes to keep us “Mexicans” in the dark, take away our right to choose by rearranging the county lines (which back fired on them) in order to rid themselves of our Democratic candidates and tell us they’ll take care of us, while building a fence in our back yard – as I live in a border city way down south. It’s so horrible that when leaving the area, you have to go through another “border” that separates those of us who are brown skin from you clean white folk. El Senor, on our trip to Waco earlier this year, made the remark that the second border is unconstitutional because it’s not separating one country from another, but one part of Texas from another part of Texas. He later said that the second “border” only exists to make up for the failure in the first border. Sooner or later, we’re going to be hearing about a border wall that separates the Valley from the rest of Texas.

But I went off topic there – what I was talking about is how some people are still naive about this being a race vote. I’m not saying if you’re not voting for Obama you’re a racist because that’s just as moronic as the guy who made the sign that read: Obama Half-Breed Muslin. However, that misspelled sign does report how xenophobia and racism plays a hand in this election, even if slightly. One man on CNN, at a GOP (Giant Ogre Poop?) debate gathering (or something) – and let me say his girth didn’t help his stupidity any – said that Obama is a Muslim and he just won’t admit it.

Why is Barack Obama a Muslim or half Muslim or a muslin? Because his name is Barack Obama? So everyone with a funny name has to be something other than Christian? I’m Hispanic, doesn’t mean I’m Roman Catholic. It also doesn’t mean I’m Mexican – I was born on this side of the imaginary line! – or dark skinned.

And it’s no big secret that Obama is black. Some have even said that they don’t feel comfortable voting for a black candidate. But these people make up a small percentage so they don’t matter, right?

Look at me, digressing again. When those, who have decided to vote for Obama, call out the “that one” statement, we don’t do it for some “faux racism” kick in order to defame McCain – he’s doing that pretty well on his own (not to mention Palin’s idiocy) – we’re doing it because it shows no respect for his opponent.

However, and I seriously want to know this, if you’re so sure McCain is going to win, why spread slander and lies on Obama and those who support him? Also, why is it that your candidate only seems confident when he’s not around Obama? At the first debate, which he lost, he wouldn’t look at Obama. Last night, he walked around as if he was a lost grandfather looking for the exit and today, he’s acting like he was superman. And for those of you who are team Obama saying McCain refused to shake his hand, there was a moment when Barack was shaking hands with Cindy McCain where John holds his hand out to take Obama’s but isn’t greeted in return. He holds up his hand for a while before putting it down. Perhaps I misread that, or in my tired and headachy haze, I misinterpreted it or saw something that didn’t happen. Anyway, just drop it.




Note to self: But seriously now, the titles – work on them.


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