After debate headache

I like Barack Obama, but he sort of let me down a little in tonight’s debate. McCain didn’t do any better, but he was setting up little traps that Obama seem to fall into by attempting to rebuttal. I don’t know what to think now about both candidates at the moment – yes, I know there are more, but I live in Texas so there’s really like just two of them (and if Ralph Nader is lucky, three). While both seem to throw wads at mud at each other – even if lightly implying certain thing or two – they didn’t really jump down each other’s throat. I suppose if anything, McCain might be gain a little push because he knew he was down for the count (hmm, I wonder if Sarah Palin has anything to do with this decline in support), but Obama really did keep composure, not flinching.

The fact that Obama did throw the bomb-bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran bit showed that McCain isn’t free from sin. But in the end, it’s not who threw the most punches, but who performed greatly. McCain, sadly, did slightly better this time around. It’s depressing for me to say that. Obama, on the other hand, still has his aura.

So who won? I don’t know. I would like to say Obama did. But that’s because I’m bias. You tell me. And explain why.


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