Sarah Palin = Flaming Idiot

I finally understand what the Republicans were thinking when they decided to pick Sarah Palin; they were trying to arouse the attention of horny men across the United States – “Joe Six Packs” if you will – in order to win votes. They were also trying to get the women vote by disenchanted Hillary supporters who were pouting in the corners crossed armed and started thinking of ways to call Obama’s winning a conspiracy against women. And while some people – like a certain brother-in-law of a certain person – thought that it was a great idea to get Sarah Palin on board as VP because, and I’m paraphrasing, it was a step forward for women, people with actual thoughts see it as quite the opposite.

Sarah Palin’s goal in life is to basically strip women of all they worked for in the civil rights movements in the 60’s and 70’s – the sad part is, she’s probably too stupid to even know that she’s doing this or that it’s her goal. She’d rather you use a wire hanger than go to a practicing doctor to get an abortion and if you infection sets in, you probably deserved it.

There are several women in the  Republican party – Ann Coulter not being one of them – who are way more intelligent than Sarah Palin, but possily not a MILF – though I wouldn’t want to touch with a ten-foot pole because, let’s face it, she’s a fucking moron and it seems like the sort that’s contagious. Perhaps John McCain wanted eye candy to look at because have you seen his wife? Jesus H. Christ, she’s gotten a little old for him and a trade in is his only solution. Or perhaps the Republicans saw that with John McCain on the ticket, swing states wouldn’t be convinced of his plans and they knew he was going down so they convinced him to pick Sarah Palin so that a) they have someone to blame when he loses to Barack Obama and b) they can have a few laughs along the way cos doesn’t she look just like Tina Fey? How can this not be good?

Whatever the plan is for the Republican party and John McCain’s campaign, it has become desperate. John McCain has finally decided to opt out of his non-mudslinging trail in order to defame Obama. And in the process, it has only made him look vulnerable, bitter and fragile. None of which are good characteristics for a president of this country.


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