On Hats

I have too many hats for my age. I don’t even wear my fedoras anymore because they’re so goddamn hot on top of my skull. So I decided I chopped my hair short in order to keep it neater, right? I can’t remember the last time I combed or brushed it – actually, I do, it was for my great uncle’s funeral.

The fact that I love hats so much makes me think of the stereotype of women loving shoes; I’m saying hats are like my shoes, only for my head. Again, that sounded so much better in my head than it did typed out in front of me. I love them so much, I think my now obsession of looking at hats online is going to make me create a category for hats, or, worse, shopping!

I found this hat on Amazon and I fucking love it the brown one. Mine – same style – has been around for three years going on its fourth, so it’s begging me to retire it. Last time I posted about needing a fedora (I don’t feel like linking so go looking for it yourself – here’s a hint: it’s a list), I linked this fedora. Now, while I still love that one, I’ve fallen in love with this one. I want too many hats.

I’m going to stop typing now. I’m beginning to feel weird.


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