“This is like a Saturday Night Live skit” (The Professor)

I was watching the VP debate with The Professor (she was on the phone as she lives in Waco and I live in South Texas). I made my comment from my last blog to her, which she thought was humorous because she’s been to and seen Mexico so she’s ready for the vice president position as well. Throughout the entire debate, we kept laughing at Palin’s nonanswers. Professor even made a crack by saying, “Oh, I know what your question is, but I’m not going to answer. Instead, I’m going to talk about fuzzy kitties.” Professor wasn’t far from the truth either, when she said that Palin seemed to be doing a SNL skit rather than actually answering the questions? So, did Palin succeed McCain? I don’t think she did. Will they win? I want to say no, but this country has voted in an idiot twice, so who knows.

One thing I noted is that Palin failed to win the debate. Perhaps if she would actually answer the question – “I’m not going to answer the questions the way you and the moderator may want.” – she might have left an impression on me. She even admitted that she’s only been on the thing for five weeks, as if saying, “Pfft. I dunno what to say. I’m from Alaska – as far away as you can get from the American people – and I have no real opinion in anything, so why the hell should you listen to me?”

And I want to be clear on this before you asshole conservatives attack me on this, I’m not voting Democrat because I’m Democrat. I’ve voted for independents as well as Republicans in the past and had John McCain picked someone else who could fill his shoes if he dies in mid-office, I would consider voting for him. But he chose Sarah Palin who knows much as being a politician as George W. Bush had – and I’ve been fooled once and once was enough. 

So Joe Biden won. However, it’s not that it matters. We’re voting for president, not vice president. However, in McCain’s case…

In other news, and this is something both liberals and conservatives can agree one, I posted a link in an earlier blog about a friend of mine running a marathon – 26.2 miles! – at the Rock ‘N’ Roll San Antonio Full Marathon in order to raise money in order to stop blood cancers. If you didn’t read the blog, then you’re not paying attention. I normally don’t ask people to donate money, but if you know the destruction cancer, then you know that it’s best to stop it before it happens. I’m not sure if that sentence made any sense or not, but it did in my head.

Anyway, hop on over to that post and read it and either pass it around, donate to her – or if you know someone else in your area running a marathon, donate to them – do whatever it takes to be a part of the solution. Take care.


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