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I don’t care if you’re backing John McCain, Barack Obama,  Ralph Nader (is he still running?), or whoever your heart desires, as long as you vote. A few years back, when Kinky Friedman was running against Rick Perry (and that Democrat, whose name slips my memory), he said something that almost made me wince. Here was a candidate who said not to vote for him because he’s who he is (meaning, a non-politician), but because you wanted to vote for him. Meaning, don’t vote Democrat because you just happen to be Democrat, or Republican because you’re Republican, but vote for the person who is best for the job.

So let’s do what’s best for the country and vote. Have a voice. Get your say. If you don’t, then don’t complain.

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7 responses to “To the readers of my blog

  1. Nader is definitely still running—and don’t forget Cynthia McKinney, Bob Barr, Charles Baldwin, Alan Keyes, Brian Moore, and everyone else.

  2. Ennui Prayer

    I knew there were other names, but I was too lazy to actually dig them up. I’ve been really horrible with catching up with the whole thing – last election, I had them all down on paper as I was supposed to write an article about them, but I was in college then and time was everywhere. Thank you for them, though. At least now my readers will be slightly closer to the political pulse.

  3. Hey, no problem—and I don’t blame you for not knowing about the other candidates. There is literally no media coverage of anyone but the Republican and Democratic nominees, which is an outrage IMHO.

    If you want the parties for the other candidates, they are:

    Nader/Gonzalez- Independent (but with affiliations with various small parties around the country, i.e. Peace & Freedom Party)

    McKinney/Clemente – Green Party

    Barr/Root – Libertarian Party

    Baldwin/Castle – Constitution party

    Keyes/Rohrbough – America’s Independent Party

  4. Oops, forgot these:

    Moore/Alexander – Socialist Party (USA)

    La Riva/Puryear – party for Socialism & Liberation

  5. I pretty much lost track of the third party candidates after Senator Mike Gravel. And I only found about him in an interview when I was writing an article on a “religion” that uses cannabis as sacrament (quotations because the reverend I was talking to said he really didn’t like to call his beliefs a religion).

    There never is any coverage on the other candidates, which is unfair because how are people supposed to learn this stuff if they’re not in the media. Some choice. Like Lewis Black said about the 2004 elections, you had to decide from two bowls of shit.

    But thank you so much for the names.

  6. Again, anytime. I agree about the unfairness—-what’s really ironic is that the media normally justifies their exclusions of third party candidates on the grounds that these candidates don’t have a chance. Well of course the don’t, because there’s no media coverage! Most people don’t even know they’re running.

    The one time the media did give coverage to a third party candidate, the candidate won. I’m talking about former Minnesota governer Jesse Ventura—he entered the polls with less than 10% approval, but he was allowed to debate the other candidates and his approval went up by 20 or 30 percentage points. He won the election!

    I personally think that the media, or more accurately, the people who own the media, have a stake in the two major parties. That’s why any coverage of third parties is so marginal.

  7. You totaly right, I’m agree with you: “vote for the person who is best for the job”

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