Leadership: When you mess up, blame the last guy

I just got word that Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Psi chapter, is in the shithole right now. Why should I care? Because a year ago, I was president of the chapter and I was left with the difficult task of picking up the mess my predecessor left for me. I killed off several things that the last administration started so I can right the organization and hope to get some asses in the seats. That worked for about a semester and then those people graduated. 

In fall, we were faced with more difficulties because personal lives and agendas started to seep in. Believe me when I say this, I was guilty of this as well. I was dealing with the downfall of my relationship as every month seemed to threaten more and more the inevitable break up. I did my best to keep it together, juggling proteges who didn’t want to deal with me and school work as my college life was coming to a sudden end. 

I was also really nervous with the fact that the organization wouldn’t have a president after I graduated as no one seemed to want to take the position. One person, finally said she would, although never hinted as such, but did say she wanted to run for a new position. I took that as a positive sign. 

Now, almost a year later, I’m having the secretary turned president and the historian turned panic historian trying to pick up the pieces that the last person should’ve picked up before leaving. The departure of a beloved sponsor only meant rough seas. No matter what they do, they will never be truly able to replace that sponsor. Before I left, we had three sponsors that I kept up to date on a monthly basis (twice, one in e-mail and one face to face). When Jyg contacted them to see if they were still on board as sponsors, both replied by stating they hadn’t been kept contacted about the organization for about a year, indictating that since I graduated and stepped down as president, they hadn’t received one update about the health of the organization. 

So in the midst of this, because I told both Jyg and the new president that I would assist them in anyway I could, I find out that the inductees from last semester were not sent to Sigma Tau Delta, nor were their names included in the list of new members. Whether or not their dues were sent and their certificates received is a whole other thing. 

Now I hear from another member of Sigma Tau Delta and a member of the other English organization on campus (EMO), that the last president holds the blame on me and my treasurer as we left the organization in a mess. Before leaving, I made sure to tie all loose ends. The only things I left open, because the next group wanted to extend the deadline, was a book drive and the modified constitution, making the group a nonalcoholic one. Apparently, my treasurer is also blamed for leaving a mess with EMO, as she was president of that organization and failed to transfer the bank account fully over to their treasurer, which isn’t a big shocker because of conflicting schedules. 

What other mess did I leave? It’s one thing with me being a bad leader, but I can’t think of a single thing I did that would make me shoulder the blame. The last president left without holding elections for a replacement, without notifying the remaining officers what had to be done, without notifying headquarters about the new inductees, without updating all the sponsors, without having the new treasurer passing the account to the next president, without turning in all the proper paper work to OSD, without securing the future of our chapter. But I’m to blame. Sure. Okay. Whatever. 

I concede.


One response to “Leadership: When you mess up, blame the last guy

  1. philosopherintheory

    This not your burden to bear. I think it’s wonderful that you offered to help them, but that you’re being blamed for the current mess is just fucked up. Don’t let it get to you. From all that you’ve told me, I know you did good work with both organizations. Life got in your way but you still did it. There’s no reason the last president couldn’t have as well.

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