“The subliminal mind f*ck America!” (Green Day)

Well maybe I’m the faggot America.
I’m not a part of a redneck agenda.
Now everybody do the propaganda.
And sing along in the age of paranoia.

I don’t know what to say about this movie. It’s sickening, is what comes to mind. Not because I think Michael Moore is a guru of liberalism – sure, the guy’s funny and sometimes he has a good point, but he shouldn’t be the epitome of liberals because that’s as stupid as saying that Sarah Palin is a step forward for women and the ideal Republican is John McCain and George W. Bush – but because during an election year, this shit always happens. 

Back in 2004, Michael Moore released a movie that caused so much hatred over at FOX that I swore Ann Coulter’s penis shriveled up and Sean Hannity shat bricks for days to come. Bill, however, was too busy trying to hit on his staff and getting fined for sexual harrassment, something he dealt with out of court and will never mention it again, which translates to: “I did it. I have no shame that I did it. But because I’m better than you, we won’t talk about it anymore and if you bring it up, I’ll fucking punch in the nose and cut your mic off.”

So a movie is made in the honor Michael Moore’s newest film, Slacker Uprising, and deems him unpatriotic because, as the Conservatives love to say, he hates America. I’m sorry, but when did being patriotic translate to taking the opium the government gives out so you’ll be lulled to a sense of vulnerability? Our forefathers established a government, our government, with rebellion against those who wronged them. When  a government gets too corrupt, it’s not up to the government to clean it, but its people. No, instead, you’re forced to suck on the tit of his country, or the cock (depending your sex and preference), and told to take it in the ass (despite your sex or preference). 

I’m not saying vote Democrat, because this isn’t a onesided political blog. I would never forgive myself if I ever become as shameless as the PUMAs and tell you that everyone else is wrong because I don’t get what I want. No, I think I’ve matured way too much to be dragged into that pit (yet, just immature enough to show how immature the PUMAs are being – that’s right pussies, keep crying, but that’s not going to make Hillary president and it’s definitely not going to make the country better). 

The immaturity of this political climate is appalling. We are a people that hold ourselves so high and mighty – Hey! Look, Iraq and Afghanistan! We are modeling your countries to look just like ours! Don’t you want to be just like us?! C’mon! It’s fun! – and yet are immune to our own stupidity. Far left liberals are showed in the media in order to discredit Democrats and far right neo-conservatives are played to be the fools who got us in this mess – well, because they did, but don’t judge all conservatives because the idiots who created the shit we’re in. 

Every four years, it’s another onslaught of movie and marketing. We’re told that one candidate is better than the other because he’s black and a new face in the world of politics. The other’s a war hero who was a prisoner who refused to leave until all his buddies were freed. And how are they marketable? And I take this idea from a punk rocker who went to the reading I hosted last week: They’re marketable by their choice of vice presidents. Obama’s made marketable to people who are uneasy with either voting for a black man or a woman by adding a white man in the mix. And John McCain is so helpless in his efforts (and often considered old) so they bring in an attractive younger woman from Alaska in order to win the upset women who are still crossed armed in the corner crying that Mrs. Clinton didn’t get it.

And every year there’s a documentary, or a movie, or a book, or a statement  that appears to discredit one candidate. It never fails. We’re constantly accused of having a liberal bias media by the ultra conservatives over at FOX, who, by the way, started attacking Obama way before he was even nominated, but still consider themselves “fair and balanced” because they have a push over liberal sitting next Hannity. And I can’t help but to think that we don’t have a liberal media like conservatives have FOX News. What we have is a media of influence and ignorance and that doesn’t amount to the shit that FOX offers us.

But An American Carol has nothing to do with politics because it’s main character is a caricature  of Michael Moore and not Obama or Biden. Have we really descended this far down the ladder? That the only way to discredit a presidential candidate is by discrediting those who might vote for them? You should be ashamed of yourselves. And I hate to admit it, but today makes me hurt to think that this is how politics will always be played. 

Congratulations, we have truly now been painted as American idiots. 

As a side note, and I haven’t done this since I had a blog over at LiveJournal, Paul Newman passed away. He was a wonderful actor and humanitarian and his passing has left a great void in both careers. He will be missed.

Also as a side note, before I’m attacked on this, I have no intention in seeing Oliver Stone’s W either. So don’t you dare make that petty comment. I believe Oliver Stone, like Michael Moore, is an opportunist to play upon what we already know in order to make a buck – with the exception that Slacker Uprising was a free download. However, I have every intention to watch Slacker Uprising as I stated it was a free download. You just can pass up free legal downloads, I’m sorry.

Another edit/side note: I keep watching the damn trailer on TV and am now confused about who’s making fun of whom. Either way, the movie still bugs me.


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