Just when you thought it was safe to enter a theater again…

…some jerk off thinks it’s a good idea to make another The Fast and the Furious sequel. I have to admit, and at many times I don’t, that I liked the original movie – the first part, that is. I saw it probably after high school graduation and we broke the law by sneaking in and watching the film. However, the movie spawned two sequels with a third arriving in theaters next summer. The only upside to this fourth installment is that the original characters/actors (you know the ones that didn’t die) return. And what are they doing? The exact same shit they did in the first one. Wasn’t there a lesson to be learned here? Apparently not. 

Don’t get me wrong, I like stupid movies as much as the next guy because stupid movies are brain candy, mental masturbation; call it what you want, but I know I don’t like to think. However, these sort of movies are good in small doses and should never spawn a franchise. Okay. There. I said it. Now enjoy the trailer if you haven’t already.


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