I still love cartoons

Adult Swim started airing the second season of The Venture Bros. today – well, reairing, I should say considering season three ended last month. I don’t know what you thought about season three or season two for that matter, but after a pause between one and two, I was contemplating whether or not the second season was any good. And it was.

However, something that irked me after last night reairing of the season finale of season one was what Dr. Venture said after Dean and Hank (a.k.a. The Venture Brothers) were killed accidentally, but very much purposely as well. Brock sighs, while Dr. O is weeping in the background. But Venture says something in the lines of alright get their clothes – however, considering what happens in season two, I’m wondering if I got that wrong and he said get their clones. 

After a two year pause between one and two, I never really picked up on this until last night. Anyway, that was just a thought I had last night when I couldn’t sleep. It’s passed now. 

Now I’m wondering what season four has in store for us. Oh well, next Fall.


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