I guess I’m a PC, as well

Disclaimer: Do not read this post if you think it’s about technology. You won’t find an intelligent term in this post. This is just a post of someone who is hungry and cannot sleep. Thank you. Ennui Prayer. 

But I sort of want a Mac. Not because they’re “better,” but because I fell in love with El Senor’s Mac when I was babysitting it. That and because it saved me so much space just existing in my room. I’m a technological dimwit, but I’m twenty-five, so you’re probably wondering how that’s possible. While most of the techies were fiddling with their computers and learning all the cool things about them, I was too busy not caring. A lot of us were too busy not caring. I’m sure some of us had the time of doing both, and learning the basics, but I wasn’t one of them.

So coming to me and telling me a Mac is better than a PC for this number of reasons, all I’m hearing is the Charlie Brown adult voices as trumpets. In fact, I’m probably not listening to you anyway. I’m too busy not caring. As long as I get my work done, I’m cool. 

As for the whole Windows Vista hoopla, all I can say, I love Windows Vista on my computer solely because my computer was built to support Windows Vista and I didn’t dish out the money so I can run XP. I had my qualms about it, sure. But after I figured out how to do the stuff I used to do, I was okay with it. It seems like every blog that deals with Vista is always written by someone who is living in the past. So you think it sucks, so what? 

What strikes me odd is that these people who are blogging about Windows Vista are Mac users. I find that odd. I dunno. This post didn’t have a point. I just saw the fucking commercial and thought of the title and then had to put in some form of writing. 

But during my search for the video, I found some old videos that I simply love. Christ Follow v. Christian commercials a la Mac commercials. 

I find Christ followers less annoying than the self proclaimed Christians. Actually, I don’t find Christ followers annoying at all, because while they’re still technically Christians, they don’t come up to me and tell me I’m going to hell. In fact, the don’t preach to me at all. Rather, they listen. Geez, Christians. What the fuck? 

And one last one. Because Linux needs its moment in the spot light. 

In other news, I’m gonna try some other layouts. I’ll see if I like any of them. I want your input as well.


2 responses to “I guess I’m a PC, as well

  1. just linux.its the best.

  2. I never saw those Christian vs. Christ Follower spoofs before…awesome! I’m so totally using those on my site. 🙂

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