This post will be called Blasphemous, written by a degenerate…

I need your discipline
I need your help
I need your discipline
You know once I start I cannot help myself

The funny part is, I was thinking about Gay Christians while listening to this song and I found that video in just one search. I kid you not.

I don’t know who Ray Boltz is, but he’s some ex-Gospel singer turned homosexual (I’m using bad Christian logic here, so bear with me). He came out of the closet after divorcing his wife and the backlash is horrible. Not once did he mentioned he had a long term relationship with another guy during his marriage, so we can assume he’s better than Jim Bakker ever was (or any other God-fearing Christian who hires former prostitutes as secretaries – for their acquired skills, of course).

Something that keeps coming up, however, is the whole homosexual as choice (read: sin). The people over at Gay Christian Movement Watch is probably the only people I can note that keeps using this over and over again as if it were religion. They ask you to communicate intelligently and do not attack others (meaning them) in your comments. However, they refuse to listen to empirical data that shows that homosexuality isn’t a choice, but a something genetically embedded in our heads. I say our heads, but what I mean is that no one should prevent themselves from feeling love – as long as said love is with a consenting adult and not a camel. If you lie to yourself and to the world in order to save face, then you’re missing out on what could be the most gratifying emotion that we can feel as “rational animals.”

Instead, former fans of Boltz write, “This is the creepy part–he is dating and enjoying the “normal gay life” now.  Ick.” That’s just wonderful. The person who wrote that blog isn’t as much as a tight ass (no pun intended) as the other ones and way looser than GCM Watch who seem to ejaculate (the pun is meant to be taken) at their pulpit and their followers eat it up like whip cream on a slice of pumpkin pie – goodness me, I’ve gone on and myself hungry.

I don’t take my argument at GCM Watch because I don’t they play nice. In fact, I think, while they forbode anyone to attack and insult them and those of like minds, they attack progressive or free-thinkers, or people like Lewis Black who have thoughts.

Christianity Today is reporting that Ray Boltz has announced he is gay. For any of you around my age you remember Ray Boltz from your teen years. With songs like “Thank You” and “Watch The Lamb” he made his way to the top of the christian charts. This is so sad. Satan is picking people off left and right it seems like. Please pray for Ray Boltz that God would convict him and save him if he is lost. Pray for his ex-wife who must be devastated. I am not sure if they have any children together. And as you pray, guard yourself. The enemy is on the prowl. (source)

It’s sad when people feel the need to go to great lengths and say this is the world of Satan. No, ladies and gentlemen, not Satan, but science. However, I’m sure you equate both of them to be one and the same. However, I don’t lose faith in humanity because the aforementioned progressive, free-thinkers and people with thoughts can sum up the entire nonsense in one simple sentence. It’s, um, nonsense.

Adam Green had more guts than men when he commented on GCM Watch’s post. He also wrote about Boltz in his own blog, stating, “I guess my point is that a homosexual person can still be a Christian, although I can only imagine that it’s a helluva lot more difficult.  And any who chooses that path has my utmost respect.

Now why can’t people be more like Adam Green and less like Pastor DL Foster? Because the world don’t work out that way, I suppose. But wouldn’t it be nice if it did?

It saddens me to think how this post will more than likely be called blasphemous, or written by a degenerate for degenerates if it gets any attention at all. That’s not what saddens me, really; the fact that they’re so simple minded to think such a thing is what really gets me.

Links to other posts on the subject. Some good and some bad.


5 responses to “This post will be called Blasphemous, written by a degenerate…

  1. Hey, I’m the not-as-tight-ass gal who wrote, “The creepy part is that he’s enjoying the ‘normal gay life’ now. Ick.” I’d like to correct a point though–I’ve never really been a fan of Ray Boltz. The churches I’ve been to sing a lot of his songs as choral anthems and all that junk; I personally don’t dig his style of music, though a few of his songs are OK as far as church music goes.

    And, no, I don’t want to be an “intolerant hater” or something. I mean, just because I think homosexuality is a choice and a sinful one at that doesn’t mean we can’t all be friends. I don’t walk up to gay people and say, “Hey, gay person! You’re a sinner!” just like gay people don’t walk up to me and say, “Hey Christian! You’re a hater!” Amazingly, I have friends who disagree with my views on issues. I do not think all gay people are going to hell and do think that homosexuals can’t also be Christians.

    All that *could* make me an intolerant tight-ass, I’m not sure. I’m cool with that I suppose. 🙂

    I do think your post is very well-written and thought out. Thanks for the link and not thinking I’m as much an ass as others…and I do mean that sincerely.

  2. That quote sounds bad out of context. I still think the act is wrong, thus living as a Christian being that much more difficult because celibacy or hetero. relationship are the only 2 Biblical examples.

    It’s such a difficult subject that requires so much thought and prayer. Like one pastor said when asked about Christianity and homosexuality, “No matter how I answer that, someone’s going to be hurt…”

    Thanks for your kind words.

    God bless.

  3. @ Amy

    Hmm…I’m trying to figure out a way to correct that sentence so it’ll read better. However, considering that you pretty much did my work for me, I don’t have to stress all that much unless you really want me to.

    I liked your comment, however. It makes me happy when people either prove me right (and in your case, I figured you wouldn’t be upset and would want to have your say in a positive and well-mannered way) or wrong (meaning, finding faults in my blog that I either danced around, or simply ignored).

    @ Adam Green

    I was hoping it didn’t sound wrong out of context. I understood what you were saying, but nonetheless, you’ve proven to be on of the few who is willing to write something like that. Whether or not you believe is a sin is a whole other thing. I guess, what I wanted to see in your blog is that you don’t think them as degenerates, but as humans.

  4. Great video and song at the top! Amazing how you found that! And I appreciate this post. Good stuff!!


  5. @ Wendy

    Thank you for reading it.

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