People who like to hear themselves speak

Jenn, I know you hate it when I do shit like this, so please forgive me.

If only...

If only...

I’m one of them, I’ll admit this. I love talking, but I hate talking for long periods of time because I suck when speaking because I tend to pause in mid sentence to think of the appropriate word. This causes people to think I could care less about the conversation, or that I’m nervous (that usually depends on my situation) or whatever.

But Christians (and I don’t mean to offend the good Christians – you know the unorthodox Christians who actually have Christian-like characteristics) really love to hear themselves speak. Sometimes to a point where it all begins to sound the same.

I saw the Gay Christian Movement Watch blog on the dashboard so I decided to see what that was all about. Assuming I had found a gay-friendly blog written by gay Christians for gay Christians, it turns out to be more backwards talking about how being gay is wrong while alluding that they are not saying such a thing, though insisting that being gay is addiction, but alluding they are being fair and not preaching on a soapbox, but fags are still wrong. Did you get that? Because it took me a while to understand.

The blog I’ll be referring to is on some Gospel singer who came out of the closet. I don’t like Gospel music and I really hate pop music that is actually Gospel music in disguise. [Note: I have no problem with popular music that just happens to be gospel music, but doesn’t hide nor push their beliefs, i.e. Flyleaf, Flick, Lifehouse and the like.]

This is what GCM Watch wrote on the subject (emphasis mine):

People often ask me what should they do with the music of people like Boltz after a person publicly departs from the faith. There is no biblical guidance on it so it really becomes a matter of personal choice.  The more important issue is that we do not let someone’s talent cloud our judgment thereby justifying their sin. No amount of singing, talents, gifts or fame will cause one to have eternal life with Christ, only repentance and faith in Him opens the doors to the kingdom of heaven. Sadly for these people, unless they repent, their works will perish in the fire when tried.

Please STOP supporting these organizations while they spit in your face and deny the Bible’s truth. (source)

So whatever happened to love the sinner and hate the sin?

Now I don’t pretend to know shit about the Gay Christian movement because this is the first I hear that there is such a movement. I mean, don’t me wrong, I’ve heard of gay Christians, I just didn’t know they were now organized and trying to push into the doors of churches everywhere. I just assumed that the majority of bad Christians would lynch the gay Christians if they did such a thing because that’s what bad Christians do. They think themselves holier-than-though while they stick the knives into the backs of their fellow man.

There’s not rationality in this religion, at least not in the sense that people like the GCM Watch practice it. I have Christian friends. I love my Christian friends. I get a long with my Christian friends. However, I don’t like people who say they’re Christian and then do unChristian things, like say killing babies is wrong when they’re not born, but dropping bombs on them is perfectly okay (you knew I was going to bring Iraq into this somehow, didn’t you?).

So what is the rationality behind these men assuming that is what we can call it that (again, emphasis is mine):

1. We believe the Bible to be the final and only authority in matters concerning sexuality and the wholeness of mankind. We believe the scriptures are self-validating. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God”(II Timothy 3:16), consequently we hold that the totality of Biblical canon reject contemporary theories and philosophies of genetic homosexuality.

2. We believe that real freedom from homosexual addictions only come through Jesus Christ. We fervently believe that Jesus was the perfect embodiment of truth and that knowing Him makes one free (John 14:6, 8:32). We hold that freedom comes, and is maintained, not through religious methodology, but through a life of submission to Christ, accountability at a Bible-practicing church, and walking daily according to the precepts found in the Holy Word.


5. We encourage persons struggling against sexual and gender identity issues to seek professional counseling for the solutions they desire. Such counseling should not be a replacement for repentance but as a supplement to one’s Christian journey to maturity in Christ.  We caution that those providing the counseling, in order to be effective, must base their counseling on Biblical principles. We therefore reject all practices such as yoga, transcendental meditation, spirit-guides and other new-age based techniques that focus on humanistic solutions to the spiritual problem of sin.


8. We believe that the church is God’s ordained agency in the earth, commissioned to communicate and demonstrate the love and judgment of God. Therefore, we call upon the church, which is the body of our Lord Jesus, to cease its practice of rejecting homosexuals who come to her for help. We hold that the church should openly preach and teach a redemptive message of deliverance and healing for all persons have experienced the ravages of sexual sin. It should also provide applicable ministries to support and nurture these believers into maturity. Likewise, we urge the church to cease its practice of allowing persons, steadfastly unrepentant of homosexuality, to operate in positions of influence and authority. For the scriptures wisely admonish us that “a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump” (I Cor 5:6). (source)

1. You know what I find interesting? The world was once thought to be flat. If the Bible had noted that the world was flat, would these idiots ignore the fact the world is indeed round because their precious book told them otherwise?

2. As for the second one there, I have no other way to say there is nothing more gay than getting down on one’s knees and submitting to a man upstairs. Isn’t that what bottoms do?

5. I suggest that GCM Watch pick up some Buddhist texts because the “spirituality” that may or may not lead to sin is a lot like Christianity. In fact, some Buddhist historical texts have suggested a teacher by the name of Iesus (you probably know him better as Jesus). And there is some historical texts that the one you call you savior actually traveled East (further East, considering he was already East) and studied with the Buddhists. Of course, you’re not going to believe this because it’s not noted into your Bible, so therefore not truth.

8. You can only go to to church being gay only if you’re seeking aid. Otherwise, these people are more than likely going to lynch you.

I understand that some people need faith. Personally, I need more tacos. But when religion becomes a power tool for discrimination (remember how there used to be a black church and a white church?), then it no longer becomes a religion, but a soapbox for racists, homophobic, sexist – you name it! – people to gain followers. And I’m not saying GCM Watch is the tool of evil in this country, because there’s always those Westboro Baptists who just hate everything and everyone.

I’m reminded of the movie Saved at this moment. It’s at the end where the gay guy and the girl he got pregnant are confronting the pastor who has banished them from the school dance because he’s gay and she’s pregnant. There’s a group of them, degenerates as they would most likely be called by GCM Watch, and they all want to be a part of the school dance because they feel they should. The dialogue goes as follows:

Mary: So everything that doesn’t fit into some stupid idea of what you think God wants you just try to hide or fix or get rid of? It’s just all too much to live up to. No one fits in one hundred percent of the time. Not even you.
Pastor Skip: I know that, Mary.
Dean: I know in my heart that Jesus still loves me.
Mary: Why would God make us all so different if he wanted us to be the same?

Time to get with the time boys.

Faith or Empirical data?

Faith or Empirical data?


One response to “People who like to hear themselves speak

  1. don’t worry about offending me. The only thing I EVER had a problem with was what seemed like an inflammatory piece that existed for the sake of being inflammatory.
    You’re brilliant. You are able to see through the crap. Your pieces shine a huge spot light on the crap we put up with in this world, while illuminating the truth.

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