“Let’s follow the cops back home and rob their houses” (Placebo)

The call to arms was never true
I’m medicated, how are you?
Let’s take a dive, swim right through
Sophisticated points of view

Why is it I can only write thoughts lately. I’ll have an idea for a story, the opening line of a poem, or these rants and bitchings about my mediocre life hoping for a shred of acknowledgement. I can’t write. I’m suppose to “audition” for a holiday and I can’t fucking write the fucking piece. I’m throwing myself around, racking my brain trying to figure out what to do. Oh, I can bitch about little kids calling themselves bisexual because androgyny is all the rave, but a simple piece about my childhood costume can’t even spawn more than the first sentence: “I learned shame at a young age.”

The piece is a bittersweet piece about my wanting a Halloween costume that my mother couldn’t afford to get me because we were barely making it by. Yes, I was a brat and those who are most unfortunate enough to actually love me know I’m still very much a brat. But the story gets better, but I won’t write too much hear due to publishing reasons and blah blah blah. Of course, if they don’t buy it, then it’s all fair game. 

I need cheerleaders. Where are my cheerleaders?

[Edit:] I would really like to change my layout, but the ones WordPress has at the moment suck major balls. I can always go with the layout of my original blog, but that will bring back a lot of sad, sad memories. Any suggestions?


One response to ““Let’s follow the cops back home and rob their houses” (Placebo)

  1. ra-ra-ra-sis-boom-bah!

    Your shitty writing is 10X better than my good writing!

    Go, G, Go!

    I liked the layout you had a couple layouts ago, but I cannot remember what it looked like. I do not suggest sucking balls, though. I would not want to see that everytime I look at your blog.

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