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I remember a few years ago a whole bunch of teens my age were becoming “Jesus Freaks” because of a book and the mainstream (and oddly enough, Christian) media was whoring it out more than Natalie Dylan is at this moment. Those very same Jesus Freaks have all fallen into obscurity. Most of them giving up on their religious, I-love-Jesus bullshit a year after the fad came to a bitter end (I’m not saying that all Jesus Freaks went down this path, but a nice majority did). It was again no longer cool to be perceived to be Christian. So while all the real Christians went off to be Christians, the posers went on to have sex, do a lot of drugs, and have more sex while doing drugs (the outcome of which came out nine months later in the form of a welfare baby). 

Earlier, and my purpose for writing this wasn’t to promote Jesus Freaks or anything like it, I was watching VH1. Granted I was born into the MTV generation – I didn’t have MTV or VH1 growing up – so I’m not one to who is motivated to watch VH1 unless something catches my eye. Tonight, that was Women Seeking Women: A Bicurious Journey. While the person whose story they were reporting was an older lady (meaning older than me, not an old woman), it struck a cord with me. 


Bisexual couple (ABC News)

Bisexual couple (ABC News)

How dare VH1 put this on display in such a way when the new generation of kids are all claiming to bisexuality. This sort of thing has the same damning consequences like the poser Jesus Freaks back in the day. 


I came out of the closet – was I ever really in the closet? – my freshmen year in high school. I wasn’t greeted by like minded individuals, but by assholes and homophobes who equated bisexual to just sucking some guy’s cock. Threats were made and insults passed, but I’d rather live that life than have some snot nose kid to put his arm around me and say, “Hey man, it’s cool. I’m bisexual, too. I’ve been so since I was a kid.”

First of all, sexuality isn’t something you have as a kid, at least not quite. I was born different, I tell you that now. I was a strange kid and I did strange things, thought strange thoughts. It’s apart of my personality. But did I think I was attracted to boys? Of course not. Who is really ever attracted to anyone as a kid? Sure there’s puppy love, but do you really fantasize about jumping someone’s bones when you only in kindergarten? Saying yes, will only give an argument to more disgusting acts that I won’t even cover here, because that’s the topic of conversation. 

Two guys kissingIt never fails, though. I go onto MyYearbook and see all these snot nose kids claiming bisexuality as if it there new idea. With forum titles like “OMG, I’m Bisexual what should I do?” that deal with these kids figuring “out that there is a really good chance that im bi,” you have to understand why someone like me is just a little peeved about it. 

So why the sudden urge to wave the fence sitter flag all of a sudden? Is it popular culture that has once again influenced a sudden spark of interest with preteens (I am not joking) and teens alike? Has it finally come to the point that lifestyles aren’t just that anymore, but fads? And don’t they seem to notice that their ridicule of being bisexual only allows for former Jesus Freaks turned Fundamentalist Christians to only continue on with their quote “It’s all a choice?” 

I will admit my philosophy of bisexuality has changed so much in the past years that I no longer go by such a worn down title. Instead, when asked about my sexuality, I always just say, with an utter flare that I’m straight, but I like to consider my options. Sure, it’s just about the same thing like saying I choose to be with other guys if the opportunity presents itself, but at least I’m not calling myself bisexual anymore and making flow blown bis (if there is such a thing anymore) look like they’re liars. 

And what happens when it’s no longer cool to be bisexual anymore? What then? Well all these preteens just walk down another path that Popular Culture points to? 

I will like to hear some opinions.

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