“It begins as nothing, as a blank” (Rod Kessler)

Ignore the title as it has nothing to do with the post, but something I just felt I needed to post because I have nothing better to say other than this and in the long wrong, you don’t have anything better to do than to read this because you’re here and you have no idea who I am. You may go to look at the “about me” page, but that won’t tell you much. I suppose, I’m one of the few thinking liberals, or perhaps there are many of us out there and only the idiots get to represent us. With that being said, I have to believe that there are conservatives out there smart enough to see the mess we’re in, but like us, have idiots representing them, namely Sean Hannity. 

I’m watching that right now, Hannity making himself to be an uberass out of himself, which isn’t hard considering he’s an uberass. He’s the conservative Michael Moore, let’s face it. He’s the PUMA of the Republican nation. Him and most of Fox News and the same goes for Colmes because that guy’s a push over (and I’m sure that’s what his contract says he has to play). It’s all falling under the Fox scheme of “fair and balance.”

But the subject that’s always brought up on shows like this and that of Bill O’Reilly and the entire network, actually, is that of the scary “liberal media” and liberal bias. It’s a laughable matter that only other stupid conservatives believe. What liberal media? CNN? Lou Dobbs. MSNBC? Tucker Carlson. So I ask, what liberal media? Sure, there are liberal hosts out there on both those channels, but it’s not really a liberal media if there’s only some people who are liberal. I don’t know what’s going on with the world, but it’s pathetic how both camps are just smearing each other without intergrity. 

Hannity brought in the subject of polls. Polls on who the media wants you to vote. Polls are not scientific evidence of absolute truths. There are no lie detectors to keep them soild and concrete. In fact, I noticed that no two polls turn out the same. Why? Because the polls done by conservatives are focused on, um, conservatives. And the polls down by liberals are focused on liberals. Which is why you never see two polls that look exactly the same. They’re done at random, sure – 51% done inside their studios and the other 49% done on the streets. 

I don’t know about you, but political minded people like Fox News, PUMA, Lou Dobbs,Tucker Carlson, Michael Moore, Al Frankin, etc. are all great and fun to watch on TV, but please don’t tell me you believe everything that these people are saying? They make money for bullshitting you into a sense of idiocy and you start to believe what they’re saying. If you want fair and balance, don’t turn to the opinionated because that’s all your going to get, warped truths to fit their embittered opinions. 

Lipstick on pig is just a pig, after all.


5 responses to ““It begins as nothing, as a blank” (Rod Kessler)

  1. are you having to evacuate?

  2. By the looks of it, no. I suppose we’ll know either late tomorrow or Friday. Brownsville and Padre Island have been notified to prepare themselves and Hidalgo has already made the motions to ensure that we leave before it’s too late. But I distrust them. We’ll see.

  3. How odd to see my old short-short story’s opening line quoted. –Rod Kessler

  4. Allow me to be slightly skeptical about you, even though you did know that the quote came from a flash fiction you have to remember this is the internet and not all is as it seems. But if you are Rod Kessler, thank you for the comment. I titled it that by chance. I grabbed an anthology of flash fiction pieces, flipped pages and stopped at your story.

  5. Well, it was and still is me, Rod Kessler. I just today had an email on the subject of that story:

    Dear Professor Kessler,

    I am a member of a book club here in the Hampton Roads area which is composed of resident Americans and wives of high-ranking NATO officials who are posted here in Norfolk with the Supreme Allied Command Transformation. We recently read your short story “How to Touch a Bleeding Dog” from our Flash Fiction collection of very short stories (a very good choice for the many nationalities represented whose English is sometimes a little shaky). There was much lively discussion about your story and one question came up – the group was not in agreement over whether the protagonist’s wife had died or whether they were divorced and she had left him. As the group leader that day, I promised to e-mail you for clarification. Thanks so very much for your help; I hope you’re still writing as well as teaching!

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