ennui prayer harry potter banana sex


People are strange

People are strange

I seriously get amused by people’s search engine terms that lead them to my blog. The title of this being one of them. I don’t know why my name was used in a search that included Harry Potter and Banana Sex as I would never have sex with Harry Potter with a banana, nor would I imagine such a thing. But it’s apparent that one of you who reads my blogs, or knows me from one of the social networking sites I hang out in, wants some juicy, bananay dirt on me. 

Okay, let me be the first to tell you that I have never had sexual relations with Harry Potter with or without the banana. I also have never had sex while watching Harry Potter, nor received any sexual gratification while read any of the Harry Potter novels (because I never read any of the Harry Potter novels). This is an attack on my credibility as a blogger (which I never said I had any) and my reputation with my readers. I find it insulting that such allegations have surfaced. I know I’ve made a lot of enemies with political bloggers, such as the PUMAs and Democrats for John McCain, but I ensure you that if this allegation was started by anyone in those camps, it was done so to discredit me in your eyes. 

Furthermore, I’ve never had sex with fictional character before in a literary series, nor had sex while watching movie based on a literary series. Please do no let the allegations against me taint the way you view me, fellow readers. I am just like you. This is just the way things are played in the blogosphere, apparently. I did not know that we would be mudslinging each other. I will do my best to keep it a fair and simple game and will ignore such allegations in the future. 

I thank you for reading.


2 responses to “ennui prayer harry potter banana sex

  1. Hahaha…this is stinkin’ hilarious. I ate a banana while reading a Harry Potter book once, does that count…like at all?

  2. No, I don’t think it does. We’ll have to ask the consensus.

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