Splitsville, party of two (Hef and Holly)

Well it seems like Hef and Holly are on the path to Splitsville (damn it, I told myself I wouldn’t cry) and it’s put a dark cloud over the area. Is there any hope for any of us when two of the most superficial people in the world can’t make it? 

Because I like quoting from the books I’m reading at the time, let me quote once again from Chuck Klosterman’s Killing Yourself to Live, as it does have some relevance to the subject: 

But this is how popular culture works: You allow yourself to be convinced you’re sharing a reality that doesn’t exist. Every summer, Hollywood movie studios convince millions of people to see blockbuster movies they know they’re going to hate. Every day, shows like Access Hollywood force 2 million housewives to ask themselves, “Who really cares who Lindsay Lohan is dating?” And you know what the answer to that question is? Almost no one. There are very few Americans who honestly care who Lindsay Lohan is dating. But it’s still information they need to have. This is because those people care about something else entirely; they’re worried about the possibility of everyone else understanding something that they’re missing. (P. 61)

I mean, seriously, do you really care about this post because you need to know this information, or do you click on it because you don’t want to be left out of the water cooler conversation? For all of you who find yourself consumed by the relationships of the rich and famous, I advise you all to pick up a book, and a real one. Not some Twilight bullshit.


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