Another Brand/Sparks post

Not my post, but Drunken Stepfather’s post (I won’t link the source as the site is mature in nature and we don’t want the watchers of WordPress to get pissy at me again). I read Drunken Stepfather to see what’s going on in the world of celebrity sex in order to give the readers of Sex Wednesdays something to talk about. However, I never quote him directly because let’s face it, he’s a blogger (and a damn good one at that) and I want the news story rather than the drunken blog about it.

Like many others who watched or heard word of the Jordin Sparks/Russell Brand ordeal at the VMAs, his reaction was negative toward Sparks’s stupidity and lack of (UK) sense of humor. He wrote:

At last night’s awards, Russel Brand, who I think was in over his head but still a decent host because he’s got a funny way about him and who I like since seeing him live and realizing he’s a definite talent, played it kinda safe. He was ripping into the Jonas brother’s about their promise rings and how they don’t do the pussy being thrown at them because they are contractually not allowed to and he made fun of this whole virginity lie the media is feeding our youth. Then Jordin Sparks from American Idol and Rich Daddy who paid for her career and all the junk food that made her this way came out saying it’s better to be a virgin than a slut, because that’s what she tells herself every night when she finds herself crying after masturbating because no one wants her Gorilla lookin’ body and instead of Russel Brand tearing her apart he came out and back tracked on his promise ring shit he was using to carry him through the show and said it’s okay to be a virgin and it’s commedable, and that kind of pussy footing pisses me off, but I guess dude’s just trying to make it in America without making enemies but was still fuckin’ weak on his part…..because the entire world knows this promise ring, God shit is a lie and that girls like Miley Cyrus give better blowjobs than a pornstar because they are eager, bright eyed and their daddy taught them proper back when they lived on the farm or some shit….

Now if you want to look into his whole post, don’t go searching for it. This was on a post that was completely unrelated to the one he was writing – something on Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus. He also goes on to bring up Brand’s apology, which I thought was okay because it was apparent that he offended pissed off Jordin Sparks and perhaps made The Jonas Brothers cry in their dressing room. I don’t know. And I don’t care. I just know if The Jonas Brothers wear those rings proudly and if they are sincere about it, then not Brand, me, Drunken Stepfather, or anyone should bother them. They “chose” to be virgins until marriage and I say kudos to that. However, if they’re contract with the manufacturer of music said they had to appear that way to the public because their owners at Disney – I find it odd they will get their own show, by the way – or whatever juggernaut of teenie music holds their leashes, then it’s a shame.

This should be the last, hopefully, that I will talk about the subject in my blog. Notice how celebrity isn’t one of my categories and that’s because nothing good ever comes out of that world.

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