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Once in a while I sit down on my ass and read blogs because I have nothing better to do and until I get myself a copy of The Satanic Bible, I think my options are clear. So what blogs do I venture into? I dunno. Sometimes I read the ones that link from mine or the ones WordPress (the all knowing entity) think are worthy enough to read because of hits or whatever. But I stumbled over some interesting blogs here, they might just appear on the side lines there. But The Bruce Blog has entertained me for most of this session of ass sitting and reading. But you should give it a chance as well because it’s both insightful and funny.

Now that I’m on the subject of writing, I think I need to start again – writing poems and stories. I started with small projects left alone on my desktop untouched for days, weeks, months, but nothing ever gets finished because I have stopped reading. And rule number one of being a successful writer it to read and be influence and grow ideas and dance in circles until the rain starts to pour down and drown your laziness and blah blah blah away. .

What?! You’re creative writing professor didn’t tell you to do the dancing? Damn. Must’ve been a fluke. But I realized ever since I started my walking and exercise regime, I have been more creative in my thoughts. I penned a lot of ideas after working out. Where did you think I got the idea of writing that small piece on masturbation?

Exercise, my friends. And Woody Allen movies.


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