Well Bristol Palin is pregnant out of wedlock

And I don’t give a fuck. However, what I find amusing is how the PUMAs – not even gonna dignify them with a joke this time around – aren’t going to nitpick on the fact that a daughter of a Republican has just become everything Republican children aren’t supposed to do. What amuses me is that people are “that Bristol Palin’s private life is about to undergo an investigation by people who we once considered to be caring, tolerant people,” and that “[i]t’s none of our business.”

But I have this sneaky suspicion that if a certain Democratic candidate found himself in a similar situation with his offspring, Assface blogger over there would be all over it the way a porn star is all over a penis. It’s a sad world in politics to point the fingers at the “liberals” and call them names, but the moment I call them pissed off housewives that found a voice on the internet, I’m told to grow up.


One response to “Well Bristol Palin is pregnant out of wedlock

  1. It is pretty darned easy to make sure you don’t get pregnant, if you don’t wish to that is. In a case like this the question for me is what is the motivation here? I guess if you were to ask the sociology experts, they would likely point up the desire to get out from the parents influence. So is there something to get away from that should concern the U.S. PUBLIC?

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