If Juno and 7th Heaven had a baby out of wedlock…

I’ll describe the way I feel
You’re my new Achilles heel
Can this savior be for real
Or are you just my seventh seal?

So I’m watching the godawful show entitled “The Secret of Life of the American Teenager,” and I have to say this – the Lohans are better actors than most of the people on this show. Not sure if that’s difficult, being that bad, but they pull it off. The only decent actor on the show is Molly Ringwald, but really, it’s just Molly Ringwald and memories of The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles (but never Pretty in Pink, but I hate that movie) come to mind.

What I especially dislike is the character played by “actor” India Eisley. Or maybe, I just hate India’s so-called acting. Her voice is so monotonous that nothing comes out like it should. She shows no emotion and fails miserably. I wonder if the other wannabe child stars who auditioned for the part were horrendous, or if she was a shoe in because someone in the production staff was a family member or slept with a family member.

The whole show is stupid, pointless and boring. I don’t know why it still exists, but I hope that it’s not picked up for a second season because that would be the fall of the television show if such a piece of drivel is allowed to continue. There’s nothing special about the show and there’s nothing unique about it. A teenage girl is pregnant out of wedlock and it’s supposed to be shocking? Why, because she’s white? Had the show been about a Hispanic or Black girl, I’m sure that the show’s ratings wouldn’t be so high.

I’ll just wait until the announcement that the show’s canceled. If it’s not, then I’m hoping for a whole new cast to replace this old one. Except Molly Ringwald, because she probably needs the work.


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