“Stars they shine changing hue” (Matt Costa)

The castles we built were so tall
They only left us further to fall
And still I see them far away
As I watch them wash away

A few years ago, I was going to vote for Hilary Clinton because I thought she was the right choice for this country. I had it up until 2007 that I was going to vote for her, until someone asked me the fatal question: “Are you voting for her because you like her politics, or because you liked Bill Clinton?” Holy fucking shit, I hadn’t even thought about it. I knew nothing about the woman except that she was married to one of the best presidents my generation has seen (or remembered, considering our age). We raised under Reagan and watched Bush take hold of the kingdom. But for eight years, we were growing up and coming of age under the comfort of Bill Clinton. Of course the last name was going to lend hand to the fact that we were blessed under those years and perhaps that’s why I wanted Mrs. Clinton, because she was bringing Bill back into the house. But what was going to happen? She was going to be leader, not Bill.

In 2000, I was in high school and under the voting age. Bush was running again Gore. Stupid teenage bliss, I was a firm supporter of Bush, but couldn’t do anything about it. I wished I was 18 and able to vote so I can elect a man I thought would do the country some good. I know, I was stupid. I wasn’t educated, really. When Bush let me down, and because I found myself at the doors of politics because of my relationship at the time, I realized that the game wasn’t played in our favor. The person I thought would protect the little man gave advantages to those who already had them.

When 9/11 happened, like everyone else, I was in shock. I saw our country for the first time to be just a small part of the world and people hated us. Fires burned in me that I never knew were there. And what did Bush do? He went after the enemy. And then he let him get away to turn around and attack his father’s enemy. Saddam was a bad man, there’s nothing anyone can say to change that, but he wasn’t the problem. War took people I knew overseas to fight a pointless war. One was killed. And I wondered what good was left in this world if we are fighting an enemy without a name.

In 2000, Bush stole two elections – his party’s nomination and the presidency. Complacency is just as dangerous as apathy. In 2000, John McCain should’ve gotten his party’s nomination. In 2000, John McCain would’ve made a better president than the one who got it. In 2000, I think the world would have been bettered prepared for this country’s empire to rise. But that was 2000, this is eight years later.

When John Kerry lost the presidency in 2004, I was bitter. This country had failed themselves. Bush did what any good politic should do: drive the fear into the people hearts so they can trust you. Saddam did it. Hitler did it. The Caesars did it. Hilary Clinton did it in her attempt to win the nomination. John McCain is doing it now.

Fear is an emotion that is overwhelming. Hope is an emotion that is stronger. Which will drive you to vote?


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