“We’re so creative, so much more” (K’s Choice)

The deeper you stick it in your vein
The deeper the thoughts, there’s no more pain
I’m in heaven, I’m a god
I’m everywhere, I feel so hot

It’s not a habit, it’s cool, I feel alive
If you don’t have it you’re on the other side
I’m not an addict (maybe that’s a lie)

Apparently I’m a forty-year-old man because I hang out with El Senor – at least this is how his daughter’s logic works. That and Bel is now my eleven-year-old daughter, one of the three children me and Jyg share. Which is disturbing, considering that Jyg looks younger than me and we’re supposed to all be old in the eyes of a sixteen-year-old.

We hung out at the park after the poetry reading hosted by Ronnie. The Professor, El Senor, the Daughter and Jyg sitting around a park picnic table eating cheap burgers with soda bought at Wal-Mart (hey, nobody’s perfect). Jokes were made at the expense of a person who is normally the butt of our private jokes. Jokes were even made at the expense of those at the park. One man drove up around one to take a twenty-five minute jog, which just added to the murderer label we gave him.

The poetry reading went well, even though I didn’t plan ahead. Also there was a contest so we read to win, though my heart wasn’t exactly into it because I was way too tired. Maybe next time, I suppose. Maybe next time.

I need to write, rather than just making notes on the two projects that are way out of my genre. I hope sometime will come out.

Speaking of writing, I just got wind that Californication Season Two will begin Septemeber 28th. This has gotten me excited. As Weeds is nearing a close with smuggling illegals, masturbating to pictures of a mother (his mother, I feel I should add), fucking an older woman and dating the mayor and head of a drug cartel, I think the show is losing its special touch with me. Without Conrad, the show seems empty. We shall see what happens.

But Californication, on the other hand, is only on its second season and has all the time in the world to continue its formula of lack a formula.


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