We’s needs to bee bedder edukayted, rite?

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Stupid people are an epidemic. The pandemic is amazing. Zombies walking around like they are capable of knowing something about anything. The first failure in the education system is a blogger by the name of Hal Licino who unwittingly went off to attack Deborah Ng of Freelance Writing Jobs. Licino goes all out to defame Ng in his post, all time not grasping the true nature of the FWJ Idol. He writes:

In the meantime this FWJ Idol has turned into nothing more than a free content mega-stuffer for the site. Deborah has been lambasted for preying on the very members of her own community who have supported her for so long, and her “solution” has been that she will delete the blogs of the losing participants when the winner is selected.

This “solution” is so disingenuous that it boggles the imagination. Those pages will not only live on in Google caches long after they’re gone, but the net benefit in pageviews and pagerank from all of this unique content will persist indefinitely: all at the expense of the bloggers who wrote great content for free. Let’s not even get into the fact that the voting process was set up in such a blatantly amateurish manner that the dedicated attempts to “game” the polls have succeeded in distorting the process to the point that whoever wins will be always under suspicion.

In her defense, Ng has gone to respond to the cruel allegations set up by Licino, who probably got cut from the contest or something, because I can’t figure out another reason why he’s pining over something like that.

Licino, you’re a bigger failure than the PUMAs who tell me to grow up. Poor poor Hal, I’m assuming no one loved you enough. I’m sure you’ll have more fun attacking bigger fish with libel than you will with just bloggers.

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Disaster Movie, are you fucking serious?

Will someone do us all a favor and take Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer out to the woods and fucking kill them? Jerks (because movie makers, directors and any other term that means the same thing just doesn’t cut it for them) keep shitting out these turds that for some odd reason movie companys keep picking up – seriously, Lions Gate? Are you that desparate? – and several other idiots, mostly high school students, flock to the theater and put more money into their pockets. Stop it already. Don’t we have enough morons to fill the nation? I mean a lot of them are frothing at the mouth in the political zone, that perhaps Friedberg and Seltzer should just make a documentary and then release that next year. I have a headache.

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I still want to know what a PUMA is and why they think they have such popular ideals. At the moment, I’m convinced they’re a bunch of homely housewives with nothing better to do.


4 responses to “We’s needs to bee bedder edukayted, rite?

  1. There’s something fishy about this Hal guy. He riled up some members over at overclock.net and I’m finding more and more dirt about him.

  2. I am a member at OCN (overclock.net) and I just wanted to say that I ain’t worried from this dude at all. I mean, yeah he thinks he is very powerful over the internet, but yeah anybody could probably kick his butt.

  3. I’ve never heard of Hal, and I can only guess he craves attention and he’s not getting any.

  4. Thanks for the love. There’s always going to be someone unhappy with what you do. I rest easy with the knowledge that we’re doing everything possible to make this contest fair for all concerned.

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