Secrets to a successful blog (apparently)

I don’t know shit, but a lot of you people have a weird way of making me feel special. I’ve discovered that there are three things that made my blog successful in the last month (not that I wanted it that way or anything, and that I’m getting a whole of traffic, so I’m guessing moderately successful blog about your life should’ve been a better title but I’m too lazy to change it now).

Anyway, here are the three things you need to have on your personal blog to get some moderate traffic:

  1. ShamWow
  2. Making fun of PUMAs
  3. Watchmen quotes
  4. Beck (namely the lyrics to Farewell Ride…”Some may say this might be your last farewell ride”
  5. The Smashing Pumpkins & The Smashing Pumpkins

Yup. Those are my top searches and hits. Thank you! Especially the PUMAs. Man…you guys are something else.


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