Woken up from a strange dream

I attempted sleep earlier and I was slightly successful. But then I kept hearing this voice in my head. It was a woman speaking, talking about something that I couldn’t make out at the time, but when I woke up, I staggered over to my computer. I’ve since typed two pages of words from this woman. I’m tired now; I will go to bed. But I wanted to share this paragraph with you. Enjoy.

The actions to hold off the oncoming onslaught were brutal. Anyone – man, woman or child – who was infected, bitten, so much as sneezed, got a bullet in the head. That was the only way to make sure that they wouldn’t reanimate and make lunch of us all. Scientists and doctors went mad trying to explain the phenomenon they found in their laps. Professors of philosophy creamed their pants with living – shall I say, unliving? – proof of the zombie . So many people were beginning to profit off of the living dead. But what use was money in a world where the dead only came back to life?


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