“We can watch the world devoured in it’s pain” (The Smashing Pumpkins)

The sewers belch me up
The heavens spit me out
From ethers tragic I am born again
And now I’m with you now
Inside your world of wow
To move in desires made of deadly pretends
Till the end times begin

Is it bright where you are
Have the people changed
Does it make you happy you’re so strange

I really wish I could post pictures of the storm and the aftermath for you people, but I haven’t any photos, just films and I’m way too lazy to edit out the voices and my niece who appears in the video (her first hurricane). My aunt has some so I’ll ask her for the aftermath photographs.

As for me, well, I’ve been here, holding on to the little sanity I have left. I haven’t done much about my depression and while I have those of you supporting me even though I refuse to talk, I still don’t think I’m ready for anything. I’m glad I have you as my friends because in this phase of my life, all one need is a few close friends.

My mind has fallen apart, I think. The world is fragile. The world is twisted that even alter egos get their own blogs. I need a boost. I need drugs. I need a better journal.


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